IT can be a mix of pleasure and pain at times, but letting your tastebuds do the walking while on holiday can lead to unforgettable experiences.

Lonely Planet has compiled a selection of the best street food around the world, from little-known cultural specialities to popular dishes.

It has also revealed the secrets to how travellers can recreate them once they’re back on home soil.

From giant sea snails to oyster omelettes or fried octopus, there are a range of dishes out there for the adventurous.

There are also the popular options such as Israel’s felafel, the US’s hot dog, Thailand’s phat thai and the Indian masala dosa. And don’t forget the Mexican taco or Chinese spring roll.

“Some travel to drink in the culture, others to lap up the sun but I travel to eat, preferably on the street,” Lonely Planet food writer Tom Parker Bowles said.

“Because this is where you’ll find the real soul of a cuisine, somewhere among the taco carts and noodle stalls and basket of herbs.”

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